Winnie has booked a table at the Holly Tree Farm pub and restaurant for up to 20 people on the 15th December at 6pm.

If you would ike to atteend, please contact Winnie directly on site or email to reserve your place.

Come alomng for a drink or two, eating is not mandatory.


Water supply

The site water supply will be switched off Monday the 21st of November.


Carol will be hosting a Coffee Morning tomorrow Saturday 12th starting at 10:30 in the polytunnel.


14 th August 2022

Present: Simon Hudson, Jane Bowden, Wendy Thomas, Charles Dewa,
Winnie Beck, Roy Lawson, Ray Bauser, Mark Robinson, Tom
Hutchinson, Carol Brier
Apologies: John Stooke
Meeting opened at 10.40am
The minutes from the previous meeting held on 29 th May, 2022 were
accepted without changes.
SH welcomed everyone and all sent best wishes for a speedy recovery
to JS.
Matters Arising
 FCA: Accounts have been submitted to FCA
 Water leak/Lease: Leak now fixed.
 School visits: These had been very successful. Thanks to JS for
his hard work. SH reported that we are likely to get more
community visits.
 Communication: CB agreed to finish the new website ASAP to
improve communication
 Trees: Lane has been opened. One more tree to deal with and
razor wire to be finished by RL and RB. It was noted that razor
wire is allowed but barbed wire is not.
 Plot 3: It was agreed that WB could build a structure to collect
rainwater to fill an IBC. The gate could be extended to no more
than 8ft to allow Steve Yorke’s tractor through to turn the soil.
Cars are not allowed on the plot.

Minutes 14 th August 2022
 Break ins: Remains an issue as Steve Yorke’s ladders had been

Treasurer’s Report
 Current financial situation: We currently have about £1600
available for spending (the rest is required for liabilities such as
key deposits, water bill) until the end of September: good for this
time of the year. As well as the accounts going to the FCA, MR
had been informed of the need to fill in a tax return which he will
 Spending plans: RB asked if he could purchase some steel to
make a steel door for the ‘asbestos’ shed so that tools could be
stored there. He agreed to produce a plan in writing with costs –
Secretary’s Report
In John’s absence, his views were shared on the remaining agenda
 Water: As there is no hosepipe ban at the moment and we have
sufficient funds to meet the extra water costs (circa £400 for
August), it was agreed to remind people about being careful using
water, reiterating that sprinklers are not allowed. If there is a
hosepipe ban, no hosepipes would be allowed at all, e.g. not for
filling water butts or for any watering system that relied on hose
use. This was to avoid any confusion. Failure to follow this rule
would lead to disciplinary action within the Association and referral
to water authorities. SH agreed to check with Steve Yorke about
the timer that used to be used to turn off the water supply in the
evening to see if it could be resurrected.
 Honorarium: JS’s views were that these should not be paid this
year as they are not allowed by our current rules. SH and MR
disagreed, pointing out that we were well through the year and that
the work had been done by the officers, especially JS. JB
explained that Liz Bunting from the NSALG had confirmed that
many other associations paid honoraria. Given that the member

Minutes 14 th August 2022
who had queried the legality of the payment had indicated to SH
that he was happy with the argument, it was agreed to pay it this
year and to put it to the next AGM. As many people do not
understand exactly what officers do, it was agreed that we should
produce a statement of responsibilities for each of the 3 posts.
This would have the added benefit of potential volunteers knowing
exactly what would be required of them. JB offered to co-ordinate
this if each officer provided her with a brief list of their
responsibilities as they understood them.
 Funds for BBQ and Show: JS’s proposed figures were accepted,
i.e. BBQ food/curry – £110, Kebabs/Chilli – £40, Mushy peas and
mint sauce – £10, except that the drinks budget was increased to
£120 and SH agreed to provide some non alcoholic beer as. He
outlined his plan to build a bar area for people to obtain their drinks
rather than them being ‘served’. SH circulated details of the
categories for the show. Steve Yorke will be at the coffee morning
on 21 st August to advise gardeners – SH to advertise.
 Loaded Trailers and Rubbish brought on site: Both trailers belong
to RB. The one in the main car park holds parts for a shed ready
for putting up to house pots. RB agreed to move the one without
wheels ASAP. The basketball post had been brought onto site by
RB for recycling by the person who takes scrap metal. The plastic
base could be used to store water but if no-one wanted it, then RB
would dispose of it. It was reiterated that in future no items should
be brought onto site for recycling; the bays are for recycling items
from the site only.
 Committee Meetings: SH would be taking over organising
Committee Meetings in order to reduce the load on the Secretary.
He will send out a list of dates for future meetings and is aiming for
one per month for a while as things are busy. Agenda to go out 2
weeks before the meeting.
 Skips: JS’s suggestion of 2 skips over the next few months was
accepted although there was concern that skips are filled so
quickly that people cannot get rid of stuff. Sometimes this is due to
bringing items from off site. RB agreed to make signs that can be
put by a skip telling people clearly that these skips are only for
items from the site.

Minutes 14 th August 2022
Any other Business
 Maintenance: All agreed that the Maintenance sub group
needed to meet as a matter of urgency to sort out a priority list
of jobs and to organise work parties so that jobs were shared
out more fairly. SH to discuss with JS. The fence around the
Association hut was discussed as a H and S issue and all
agreed that it should be pulled down before the BBQ. Review
in 6 months to see if we really need a replacement or can leave
it open.
 Storage: RB asked for permission to store some equipment in
the hut until the ‘asbestos’ hut is made secure and if there is
room. This was agreed on condition that the equipment was
needed for particular projects that were being undertaken on
site, and that the Association would not be responsible for any
loss or damage. RB agreed to try to fix the gate/door to the hut
and the main gate once his welding equipment is fixed. SH to
obtain key.
 Ramp to main gate: this has deteriorated and needs extending
with concrete or asphalt. RL to look at it and advise.

Rolled over items
 Strategic/Financial Plan: JS to organise a meeting of the group
(JB, JR, MR and SH) – ongoing
 Sub committees: JB had drafted some terms of reference. To be
considered at a further meeting.
 Noticeboards: JS is still working on the design of these.
 Stock Control sheet for the shop: JS/MR to devise something
 Following the inspection, RB had been readmitted to the
committee. However, the plot remains in an unsatisfactory state
despite assurances. JS/SH/MR
 If rules on burning, chickens and inheritance were to be changed
then these would need to be voted on at the AGM.

Minutes 14 th August 2022

Date of next meeting: To be confirmed
Meeting closed at midday.

Coffee Morning

Carol will be hosting a Coffee Morning tomorrow Saturday 29th, starting at 10:30am.

Around £250 has been raised for Macmillan, and donationsare stiil being gratefully received, regardless of the amount.

Carol Briar & Jane Bowden will be hosting a MACMILLAN Coffee Morning Saturday 15th October 2022, starting at 10:30am in the Association polytunnel/garden.

The ban on having “BONFIRES” and/or BBQ’s put in place by Nottingham City Council has now been lifted.

Our next “Burning Day” is this coming Sunday 9th October 2022.


This years “Rent” is due no later than Friday of this week.

I will be on site between 4:30pm and 5:30pm Thursday and Friday for anyone that wishes to come and pay any monies.

If you are unable to make payment on or before Friday, you must contact me without delay. If no contact is made with me, and your Rent is still outstanding on the 1st of October I will assume that you no longer wish to continue with your plot, and make arrangements to let it to someone else.