The water has now been turned on.

I would like to remind everyone to use the water supply considerately, don’t hog the tap.
Never leave a hosepipe unattended whilst running and always ensure you have disconnected the your hose from the tap before leaving the site
Harvesting rainwater is encouraged, so if you don’t already do so then please contact John Stooke or Steve Yorke and they will gladly advise/assist you in setting up a system.


We have an arrangement with 2 or 3 Tree Surgeons allowing them access to the site to drop off bark chippings. These chippings are used by a lot of tenants for the betterment of their plot and site as a whole.

It has been brought to my attention that these chippings are being removed from site and taken elsewhere. This is NOT acceptable or fair on other tenants and appropriate action will be taken should there be further occurrences.

John Stooke


Steve Yorke and myself collected stock from our suppliers today as they are extremely busy at the moment and have been unable to commit to a delivery date.

As well as the Mother Earth compost we now have Farmyard Manure in 40ltr bags priced at £4.00 each as a trial, and new stock of 8ft canes.

I will be on site for the majority of the weekend, therefore any tenant wanting to purchase any items give me a call or drop me a txt and I will be happy to meet you at the association hut.

John Stooke


Present: John Stooke, Mark Robinson, Simon Hudson, Jane Bowden, Charles Dewa, Mick Tagg & Carol Brier.

1900 The meeting was opened by JS, welcoming and thanking those in attendance.

JS talked through the minutes of the meeting held on the 19th January 2021, these were proposed by MR and accepted by MT.

MR gave his financial report advising that there is currently £931 available for maintenance, skips etc.. SH enquired as to when the next skip would be available for the top carpark. MR advised that funds are available for the skip and asked SH if he would like to arrange the booking a delivery to site, SH agreed he would.

JS confirmed that all the documents and voting slips regarding the new lease had gone out to all tenants.  He confirmed that an order for compost had been placed with Codnor Horticultural, but due them prioritising seed potato deliveries at the moment our order wouldn’t be delivered until the 1st week in March. He went on to discuss the issue with tenants not being able get to their plots with deliveries on the lane by the railway. The issue had been raised with JS by Lorenzo Hines and Mick Tagg. After discussion it was agreed that hardcore would be used to hopefully remedy the issue and allow vehicles to use the lane during wet weather,but the small grass car park would continue to be closed when too wet.

JB requested that a notification be put on the website advertising that we now have a Facebook page set up by CB.  JS agreed he would speak to Steve and ask him to put a notification.

SH began a discussion regarding the financial plan that we will require if/when we sign our new lease. As it hasn’t been possible for JS, MB & SH to get together to discuss in person MR advised that he would begin putting together some figures.

He went on to voice his concern for Bernard Taylor who hasn’t been seen on site for some time, 4 months or more. MR also had concerns about Paul Sanders. JS agreed that he would contact both tenants by telephone and by letter if needed to check on their well being.

MR raised his concerns about the amount of what he believes to be junk accumulating on a tenants plot, he identified the tenant and JS agreed he would take a look and discuss a resolution with the tenant.

SH began a discussion with regards to tenants moving from one plot to another and the said tenant taking buildings that were inherited to the new plot. It was agreed by those present that a tenant shall not remove any building from a plot unless that tenant had purchased it from the previous tenant or erected it his/her self. He went onto to talk about harvesting rainwater and educating tenants that don’t already do it. JS agreed that he would look at putting something on the website.

SH asked for clarity on how a donation is made to charity on behalf of Perveen. MR & JB advised that when Perveen audits our accounts, rather than charge for her services she will pick two charities and the association will make a £50 donation to each. ( For those that are not aware, Perveen is a former tenant of our allotments).

SH went onto the possibility of other charitable donations and he agreed he would get details for local food banks so should any tenants have excess crops and wish to donate them then they can do so.

JS discussed the possibility of relocating the association hut to the top of the main car park. This would free up its current location to be used as another plot. Those present agreed it was something worth looking into.  He will look into the possible costs and have a chat with the council with regards to installing a concrete base. SH suggested that funds taken in rent from the plot where the hut is currently could be used for the maintenance of the hut once re-sited.

Date of next meeting to be confirmed.

Meeting closed at 20:30.

Present :- John Stooke, Simon Hudson, Mark Robinson, Jane Bowden, Charles Dewa & Carol Briar.

Apologies:- Tom Hutchinson, Roy Lawson, Mick Tagg & Winifred Beck.

The Chairman (SH) opened the meeting at 1900 welcoming those present.

JS went through the minutes of the committee meeting held 1/12/20, these were proposed by MR and accepted by SH.

The Treasurer (MR) gave his financial report for both Dec 2020 and Jan 2021 before going through the year end 2020 report. After discussion, those present were happy that there were no queries on either.

SH asked about funds for 2 skips on site during the course of 2021, and CD enquired about a purchase of roadstone, MR advised that there are  funds available for both.

MR went onto discuss the accounts being inspected/audited, and it was agreed that Parveen Hussain will be instructed to carry out the audit at cost of £100.

MR advised that he is still in conversation with Jo Tarrant at City Council with regards to the Council making a contribution towards the new fencing that has been installed on Old Coach road and will update us at our next meeting.

JB talked about us having a financial plan in place when the new lease starts, (if that is the direction we go). JS, MR and SH agreed that they would work on having one in place.

The Secretary (JS) discussed the documentation required for the Co Operative application and agreed with SH and MR the docs should be signed off this weekend ready to be sent to the NSALG for approval, once done the registration with the FCA can be completed.

The New Lease – It was agreed by all present that a postal vote will more likely be the only option we have due to current and future restrictions on group meetings. JB and JS to prepare a consultation and voting document in readiness for delivery to tenants in the event the  association is unable to hold the AGM in March.

CD gave his thoughts on the reports of rats around the site. He stated that he regularly sees them on his plot year after year, but he believes that there are not as many this year as last year.

JS raised concerns over the asbestos stored on the car park outside Steve Yorke’s plot. It was agreed that it should be bagged and stored safely out of the way as soon as possible. SH and JS to look into options and resolve the issue as a matter of urgency.

KB enquired about funding for projects on site, JS advised that it is something we can look into once we have become a co operative.

JS discussed a point Barry Mitchell has raised with him previously regarding the fence along the new path, a fence erected by a previous tenant of plot 80 before the path cut through. JS advised that he was in the process of refurbishing several fencing panels and it was agreed by those present that they would be used, over time, to replace the old pallet fence.

MR raised concerns regarding tenants congregating in the polytunnel. The same concerns had been raised by other members with JS, therefore after discussion it was agreed by all that the polytunnel would be closed off for the time being and reopened as soon as restrictions on social gathering had been relaxed.

KB & JS raised a request from Winnie with regards to her taking on plot 4. Although Winnie has improved the plots she currently has and taken action to reduce the size of her hedges it was agreed that it would be offered to new applications first.

Next Committee Meeting 15th Feb 2021.


Merry Christmas Everyone.

Well how to start…… What a year we have all had to endure.

Firstly I hope you are all safe and well, and continuing to protect yourselves and your families through this difficult period in all our lives.

2020 started off like any other year, but no one could foresee what we were all about to go through, and continue to do so.

Sadly we lost 2 of our  tenants earlier in the year, Pete Eady and Eddie Scothern, and I’m sure they will both be missed by many. 

As it hasn’t been possible to have the regular working parties I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Steve Willams and Steve Yorke for the effort they continue to put in around the site doing some of the work we would normally do on a working party.  I would also like to give thanks to Roy Lawson and Martin Spilsbury for all the effort and the time they gave in assisting Christine Scothern, and thanks to Jane Bowden for all the time she has spent on a lot of administration tasks.

The Officers, Committee and myself would like to wish you a safe and Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year, look after yourselves and your families and we will see you all in 2021.

John Stooke – Secretary


The Chairman (Simon Hudson) has over the past couple of weeks been organising a Christmas raffle. Prizes include chocolates, wine and beer.

The raffle will be drawn at 12 o’clock Sat 19th of December.

Each tenant will be allocated a FREE ticket that corresponds to their plot number.

Unfortunately due to current restrictions having people in attendance will not be possible so the draw will be made by John Stooke, Simon Hudson and Mark Robinson with  1 other member who is not a member of the committee.

Simon Hudson will make contact and arrange delivery of prizes.


Present:-  John Stooke, Simon Hudson, Mark Robinson, Jane Bowden.

The Chairman (SH) opened the meeting at 19:10.

The minutes from the committee meeting held 22nd October 2020 were discussed and were proposed by MR and accepted by SH.

Treasurer:- MR gave his financial report for Oct 2020 and this was understood and accepted by those present. JB outlined the council’s comments with regards to a contribution towards the cost of the fence that was installed along the perimeter of Winnie’s plots earlier in the year, MR agreed to follow up on this. 

Secretary:- JS advised that after a walk around the site that he had identified only a couple of hedges that would need to be addressed prior to our January inspection and that he would contact the tenants in question requesting that they make significant progress prior to the inspection.

A few tenants had raised the issue of the number of rats that have been sighted on site, but after discussion it was decided that poison was not an option at the moment due to  other wildlife being sighted that would potentially feed on rodents. JS advised that he would put out a request via the website asking gardeners to avoid storing Guinea pig compost in bags or anything else there plots that may offer an attractive shelter/nesting place for rats.

Due to the continuing wet weather JS raised the matter of the lanes by the railway and the post office being damaged by vehicles, it was agreed by all that these lanes would be closed for the time being.

Having a skip on site for a week in December was discussed and it was agreed by all that a skip would be ordered for week commencing 14th December.

Other business:- MR raised a point from Roy Lawson with regards having i n person/face to face committee meetings, it was agreed that at the moment those type of meetings would have to be postponed until the spring at the earliest, depending on government guidance and until such a time meetings would be held via the Teams or Zoom apps.

SH (Chairman) raised the possibility of having a christmas raffle, this was subsequently discussed and it was agreed that the association would fund a number of small prizes and that the raffle would be held on the 19th of December at 12o’clock on site. SH agreed to arrange the purchase and later the delivery of prizes to tenants. JS advised that he would advise of the raffle via the website and site notice boards.

Next Committee Meeting via Teams or the Zoom app 19th January 2021.

Meeting closed at 20:15