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Water Supply

As usual, the water on site will be turned off shortly after burning Sunday which is this Sunday, the 11th November.

Over winter if you have a shed or similar on site please, if you have not already done so, construct a water collection system.  If you need help or advice on how to do this please ask.

Severn Trent has outsourced their bills to another company who want estimated monthly payments based on this year’s extraordinary water usage.  This is being opposed but it has taught us a valuable lesson that as a community every one of us needs to be collecting and storing rainwater. We need to take individual responsibility for water conservation and we need to be doing it now.

Please look out for a newsletter next week as I have been called to a meeting on Monday about the rent rises and proposed new lease.



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Water Usage

First of all a big thank you to those of you who have complied with our requests to cut back on water usage. The amount of water being used is being monitored on a daily basis and over a weeks measurement, we are still using over £200 pounds worth of water per week. The amount of cubic meters of water used in comparison to other years is mind-boggling and unsustainable. If the heat wave continues without regular consistent rainfall this will have a massive effect on our ability to spend any money for the rest of this year and next year.  Our bill is already well over double the amount we put aside each year to cover the water charges. There are some who are continuing to use an average weather years water on their gardens and using sprinklers/ oscillators. We have considered a number of options the first of which is to ask for your support in reducing your own individual water consumption on site.

  1. No Sprinklers/Oscillators to be used.
  2. Hosepipes can be used at the moment to fill water barrels and then the water used to fill watering cans. Which target crops better.
  3. If you must use a hose because you have no storage. Target the plants. Watering a pathway is unnecessary as is watering weeds which should be kept to a minimum to allow vegetables some chance to flourish.
  4. Be realistic. Some crops will not produce edible plants now no matter how much you water them so let them die or wait for rain.
  5. Water once a day and rotate what you water. Greenhouses and polytunnels only need watering every other day.
  6. Do not under any circumstances leave the water running while you do something else and do not use anything that leaks.

Over the next few days the meter will be monitored and if the rate has gone down no further action will be taken as yet, however, over the next couple of days if there is no significant decrease then the water flow/pressure will be halved.  I am away for the next two weeks and if needs be other members of the committee will impose a hosepipe ban and ultimately we reserve the option of turning the water off completely, but that seems to be a waste of the money we have already spent. Hence the action as above.  This has been a very strange year weather-wise, no one has experience different weather to the rest of us, this is your association and everyone should be pulling together and helping each other not acting in a self-interested way.

We will hold another committee meeting when I return and if necessary we will have an EGM very soon after.  We will be looking at how we can keep our finances secure and if extra charges are needed as a one-off this year then they will be imposed.  Bearing in mind there has been no rise in water charges for many years we will be discussing that option. I am also thinking about how in the future we manage conditions like this.

Please support what we are trying to do.

Please note though that if Severn Trent imposes a hosepipe ban then no matter what our meter is telling us we will have to comply. We also reserve the right to turn the water off if necessary.


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Asbestos Removal

Very shortly we will be visited by an Asbestos removal firm, they are coming to do an assessment of our problem and give a quote for the removal of our stock pile.

If you have any asbestos pieces left on your garden will you either take it yourselves to the pile outside Steve Yorke’s garden or contact me urgently to come and have a look at it.

It is really important that we get rid of this stuff once and for all so please check your gardens as a matter of urgency and get back to me. Please pass the word around to others who may not be aware of this.

Thank you

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Help With Hedges

If anyone needs help getting their hedges into decent condition before the coming council inspection please contact Jackie.  There are a couple of people willing to help for a reasonable charge.

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Learn To Grow Courses On Offer.

For the information and possible assistance of our newer members, and those of us who have never really had a clue, click the link below.

Learn to grow

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Potato Growing

We bought our seed potatoes this week.  I know that growing potatoes is not rocket science, but if you are like me and a fairly hopeless gardener then this may be of some small use to you.  Its a guide to growing them which I picked up at the garden centre at the same time and which I have turned into a PDF file for anyone to read.  Click on the link below to have a look for yourself.

Potato Growing

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DIY Polytunnel

Hi.  I recently found the following article which shows how to build a cheap and durable do it yourself poly tunnel  (click here).  I have bought some poly pipe and intend putting up a netted tunnel using the same method later in the year.  I have created a small spreadsheet which will calculate a couple of things for you if you decide it’s something you want to do and want some help on the numbers as I did.  Send me an email and I will let you have a copy unless I find out how to attach it to this web site in which case I will add it to this post as something you can download directly.

Good news.  I have figured out how to attach it – Click this link to download the calculator – Polytunnel Calculator

Hope that helps – Steve M

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How To Follow This Web Site

In order to be alerted to any new articles which are published on the web site you need to ‘follow’ it.  This is easily done by using the ‘Follow’ button which you should see in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  Click on it and a form will appear asking for your e-mail address. Once supplied and, from that point onwards, you will be notified via your email address, each time any new articles or ‘Posts’ are added to the web site.  Please be assured that the Old Park Farm Garden Holders Association does not share email addresses with ANY other organisation whatever so you will not be contacted by anyone else as a result of subscribing to this web site.

Remember too that you can un-subscribe any time from the site at any time by using the ‘Unfollow’ link which may appear at the top of the screen whenever you are looking at the web site depending on your access level to the site.  Alternatively you can unsubscribe from the site by clicking on the appropriate link in any previouse email you have received from us.

If you have any questions email me on or use the ‘Leave A Comment’ link below.

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