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Just for the information of you all.  Despite the key change there has been yet more petty pilfering in some of the gardens.  This appears to point a finger at one of our own again as there seems to have been no forced entry via any gate or fence.  Just the usual advice of not keeping anything of value in your sheds as there are few people about at this time of year to keep an eye on things.

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New Gate Locks And Keys

The locks to the main gates will be changed on Saturday 1st November.

Each time I visit the allotments I will see who is up there and give you the new keys so please ensure you are carrying all your allocated keys with you. I will only swap like for like.

Extra keys are £10.

I will also be on the gardens at the following set times.

Friday 3rd               10am until 1pm

Monday 6th           9.30  until  12.30

Friday 10th             9.30  until  12.30

Saturday 11th       10am until 1.30

Sunday 12th          10am until 1.30

Tuesday 14th         9.30  until 12.30

Further dates will be offered when I see how many are left to distribute.

N.B. The new locks will not lock without the key; you cannot remove the key unless the lock is locked. Therefore if you usually carry them with your car keys you will need to separate them if you use your car to drive in and out.

If you lose a key the cost of the replacement will be £20 and you may well be asked to go to the locksmith for your replacement.

On the 1st November you can discard the old and start using the new keys.

If you have any problems or queries please contact me or if you wish to arrange a specific time e.g. afternoon please ring me on 07931950950



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Some of you will be aware that Billy Burglar and his mates visited us once again overnight this last Sunday.  From what we have been able to see we think that 9 allotments were attacked and a substantial amount of kit was again taken.  They had so much that they had to abandon some of it near to the railway bridge because the lazy bastards were too tired to take it all home and later down to the pub for a sale.  We have recovered a generator, a rotavator and a flame gun some of which we still have to get back to its rightful owners.

The government have now brought in a new set of rules to keep their farcical crime numbers low and that comes in the form of an instruction to your local cops stating that they can only take crime details from the person who was the victim.  Therefore we cannot report the crime on your behalf.  If you were one of the victims please contact PIO (I have no idea what a PIO is but its a civilian and not a proper copper) 4877 Candice Lagor, quoting incident number 138-002062014.  She can be contacted by calling 101.  She can also be contacted direct on her email: 

Good luck and a reminder to you all, if any was needed that this is the fifth time we have been attacked since last November.  If you can take your good stuff home with you, do so if you don’t want it sold in the Green Barrel the next day for about a tenth of what you paid for it.

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More Bad News

Hello all once more.  Yet again I contact you with bad news.  Overnight Wednesday / Thursday 13th / 14th November we were again visited by thieving b******s who have this time broken into all of the gardens on the top annexe.  As well as taking property and leaving stuff out for later collection they have once more done a considerable amount of damage in kicking doors and supports down as well as jemmying other doors off. They broke in by cutting through the wire on the upper annexe gate in the same way they cut through the wire on the main gate last time so its probably the same people who visited us last time. After attacking the upper gardens they appear to have come through onto the main garden area via hedge hopping, where they have broken into another four gardens that are apparent so far, so about nine gardens altogether have been entered.  Jackie and I have picked up the property that was left on the pathways, all of this was on the annexe garden paths and we will get it back to those whom we think it belongs in due course.  We have contacted all of those affected so if you haven’t had a message left from us you are probably OK.  If we have missed you however would you let us know that you have been attacked.  We have informed the Police yet again and they have said they will visit. Additionally if you are a victim they will contact you direct themselves.  If you need to contact them yourselves please quote incident number 174/14112013 to them calling 101 to make contact with their none emergency line.  I have contacted a mobile welding company who will attend on Monday next to carry out some extra work to the gates to try and make this particular method of entry less likely in the future.  The fact is we have become an attraction for some enterprising young man for whom thieving from us is obviously easier than getting a job.  There is little we can do apart from the obvious to stop him or indeed her so could we ask that if you have anything at all of value on the allotments that you take it home and store it there over the winter period.  The Police aren’t going to be able to do much either I don’t expect so its really down to us individually to make the gardens as unappealing as possible to them in the future.

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Another Set Of Burglaries

Hello all, its been a while since I posted anything on here, due in great part to the fact I have been very busy doing other things including moving house into one which pretty much needed rebuilding.  Anyway I am now back and the first item of news is unfortunately not good.  Overnight this week between Weds 30th and Thursday 31st October somebody entered the gardens and proceeded to burgle 6 gardens apparently at random.  Three were done on the main path, two on the rear path adjacent to the post office and one in the north corner.  In all but one case it seems that they were after petrol as that is all that has been taken, however one member had a considerable amount of damage done to buildings in their garden including the slashing of poly-tunnel walls, which we all agreed was a very thoughtful act indeed.   There was no sign of any break in around the perimeter fence so they have either climbed in or it was an internal job, who knows?  We may, of course, have missed a garden here or there which may have been entered so if yours has or you know of any other would you please inform a helpful member of the committee so that I can update the Police.  Alternatively you may inform them yourself.  Call the Police on 101 and quote crime reference 239/31102013 which can then be updated and passed on to whomever they allocate to deal with the matter.  Please remember also that the water will be turned off at the end of next week for the winter period, so if you need to store any now is the time to do it.

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