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Burglary Update

For some reason, we had a glitch with the last post so I am adding it again.

Today we have recovered a small generator and a jigsaw which we presume were stolen during the burglary at the weekend. No one has told me that these have been lost so if you are missing one or both or know someone who has please contact me. Also, it’s obvious that our friends were picking up tools and equipment from one garden and then leaving them in another so if you have found yourself with something that is not yours please let me have it and i will attempt to get it back to its rightful owner.



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The Burglars Came Back

For the second time in two weeks, we have had intruders on the gardens, this time they seem to have been more systematic, it’s presumed they came in over the railway gate and worked their way down the gardens including the brick building.  We know things have been taken and discarded presumably when they have found something more interesting and have now stolen some valuable items.  They will come back because they have not been in everyone’s gardens yet.  Take home anything of any value now!   Report thefts to me and to the Police.  DO NOT LEAVE THE GATES OPEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  Challenge strangers safely, if they don’t know the secretary’s name they should not be on the gardens.

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After a long period of no crime being committed on the site, we have once again had an attempted burglary near to the main gates.  At the same time, there has been an increasing habit of people leaving the gates open and unattended in recent weeks.  It’s therefore probably no coincidence then that the two are almost certainly connected.  Once again please remember that site security is jointly everyone’s responsibility and in everybody’s interest for their safety too.  Unfortunately in the past once some thief has realised there are things to steal on an allotment site they usually come back and do it over and over again, until they are caught, hopefully, this will not be the case this time but we shall see.  We should not have to remind people to keep the gates closed and locked but plainly this is still not the case.  Please pass this information around to other allotment holders who may not see this notice on the website.

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As you should all know by now we only allow fires including brazier fires on burning Sundays the next one being next Sunday the 8th July, next week. Weather conditions all over the country mean that fires can get out of hand very very quickly and the local fire brigade is already heavily involved in responding to garden and wildfires particularly in the Manchester moors area thus reducing the number of fire officers here.

Therefore having regard to individual safety and the danger of fires spreading and most importantly taking into consideration advice from the Fire brigade I have made the decision to ban fires on these gardens until further notice.

The fire brigade already this week have had to attend a city council allotment site to attend an out of control fire. NOTE: YOU WILL BE HELD PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY COMPLAINTS OR BRIGADE ATTENDANCES AND COULD FACE PROSECTION.

At the moment there is no hosepipe ban as such but you should prepare now for that possibility. A hosepipe ban would include filling water butts with a hose. Please check and double check that you have switched off the water and DISCONNECTED any hoses. Immediately report any leakages. Please keep your eye on local news from Severn Trent and be prepared for the use of water on site to be restricted to watering cans only. I will be keeping in touch with the council where necessary and inform you of any decisions.

I can only stress that anyone who breaks the ban about fires or any future hosepipe ban will not only be personally responsible for any repercussions but you will run the very high risk of losing your tenancy too.

Jackie Medcalf
Sunday 1st July 2018

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The following has been received from the allotment admin department at the city council.

Unfortunately, I have to report that it seems several organised break-ins have occurred on allotment sites across the city recently. Some of the break-ins seem very similar in nature to a series of break-ins two to three years ago.

It would be sensible if possible to continue to consider ways of improving short-term site security and the storage locations of any plant and equipment.

In view of the above, you are reminded to always keep all main gates locked.  Do not let anybody in who you don’t know or who haven’t got a key.  If they don’t know the secretary’s name they should not be on site.

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Site Security

One of our female members recently reported that her car had been broken into whilst she was working on her allotment.  The car, which had been parked on Old Coach Road had had it’s windows smashed in order to gain entry.  She stated that she had heard that a group of youths in the area had been on the lookout for lone women leaving vehicle without a handbag, presuming that this had been left in their car they then break in hoping to steal valuables.  Following on from this she now felt that her own personal security might be at risk when working alone on her plot.  She has asked that we reiterate the importance therefore of always ensuring that gates are not left unlocked when members come and go from the allotment estate.  This of course is a standing rule,  notwithstanding this incident.  For the security , not only of people personally but of their property too all gates should therefore be locked after both entering and leaving the allotment areas.

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Sad to say that our resident thief has struck again.  In recent weeks there have been a number of thefts such as tools going missing from garden sheds.  In the last week however one of our gardeners has had all of the fruit stripped from his Conference Pear tree.  Fruit is this gardeners specialty and to have someone come in and take his stuff just as he was about to harvest it himself is utterly despicable.  It is certain that this is an internal theft. When the offender is traced he or she will be immediately thrown off the allotments and their name submitted first to the Police and secondly to the city council and every other allotment association in the county to ensure that they never get another plot anywhere else.  If anyone has any idea who may be responsible please let a member of the committee know either anonymously or directly.  It is completely unacceptable for anyone to enter anyone elses allotment, whether it is occupied or not without the permission of the tenant or one of the three main committee officers.  We remind you that removal of anything from anywhere without permission is a direct breach of the tenancy agreement.

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Nefarious Goings On

Hello all. Yesterday it was reported that over the weekend one of the official city green taxis was parked up at the bottom end of Old Coach Road near the railway bridge, outside the lower gate to the allotments.  The driver, an older Asian male was seen in the rear of the car with a young white girl and although nothing untoward was seen it was obviously quite a concerning observation bearing in mind recent grooming events which have gone on around other areas of the country.  The driver when he realised he had been seen, got into the front of the car and drove quickly away.

The following day, early in the morning, the same witness observed two young Asians in a smaller car parked in the same place smoking cannabis which he smelled as he walked past.  As he entered the gardens this car also turned around a sped off paying undue attention to the witness as he entered the garden to a point where he felt that the two incidents might in some way be connected.

I have myself on occasion seen vehicles parked at the weekend at the bottom of the road with people in them with no real reason to be there, the factories being closed etc.  I have reported these incidents to the Police on behalf of the garden holder and they have promised to step up patrols in the area, however from my own experience I know this can be hit and miss.  Could I ask that if any of you see anything like this yourselves that if possible, AND WITHOUT DRAWING UNDUE ATTENTION TO YOURSELVES, that you try and obtain the registered numbers of cars you observe together with a time that you see the cars there and perhaps the colour and type of car you see.  If you then report this to Jackie or myself we will co-ordinate this with the Police and hopefully nip this in the bud before it becomes an issue for us.  Thanks for your help and please let me stress that whilst no threats have been made to anyone you should be careful in obtaining any details of vehicles if you should witness anything yourself.  Thanks – Steve Medcalf.

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